As laid down in the Annual Reports of DOE 1976-'77 and 1977-'78, NIC was given the mandate to

  • provide this informatics service to various user agencies in Government
  • play a promotional role in creating appropriate information systems in Government
  • act as a focal point for developing, managing and operating information system in Government
  • act as a focal point for development of methodologies for designing and implementing national information systems and data management techniques
  • act as a focal point for maintaining inventories of primary data and computer-based systems for data collection and dissemination
  • train users in information systems, data management and computing techniques

Ten information systems were planned for development by NIC in the following sectors:

·       Agriculture

·       Construction and Transport

·       Education and Manpower

·       Energy

·       Finance

·       Industry

·       Small-Scale Industries

·       Socio-Economic Index

·       Trade and Media

·       Government Archival Information

With this, NIC embarked on a gradiose mission to develop various national data bases for use in planning and decision making by the government.


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